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+How can I book my course?
You can book courses and private lessons online/by email or in our office.

Link: Contact

+From what age can children join the course?
From the age of three.
We offer a trial day for beginner children, which can then be extended to a half-day course.
+Are there foreign-language ski instructors?
Our ski instructors (90% locals) all speak German and English. We also have Hungarian and Italian speaking ski instructors. Please contact us if you have any other language requirements.
When booking group courses, only limited consideration can be given to ski instructor requests with specific language skills. When booking private lessons, this is possible depending on availability.
+Will I get my money back if my child doesn't like it?
To minimize the risk of "not liking it", we offer a trial day.

If, contrary to expectations, the child no longer wishes to continue during the week, the difference between the used and unused days can be used for another person and/or another offer from the ski school.
Alternatively, there is also the option of receiving a credit note for the remaining amount for the following year.

+When will I be refunded the course fees?
The course costs can only be refunded proportionately in the event of illness or injury on presentation of a medical certificate.
+Can I watch the lessons in the Kinderland/practice area?
Parents are welcome to watch during the lessons.

Please contact the ski instructor directly so that undisturbed lessons can be guaranteed. Every ski instructor has the parents' telephone number and can therefore contact them directly at any time.

+What is the difference between a trial day and a normal ski course?
The trial day is the first day of the normal ski course and is simply a price concession for you. If you extend to a multi-day course, the trial day will be offset.
+Do ski course participants need a ski pass?
Children who are beginners and are making their first attempts at skiing in our Kinderland do not need a ski pass as they use our in-house conveyor belt.
As soon as they can reliably brake and make turns, they go to the large conveyor belt on the practice meadow. Our ski instructors will contact you directly for a lift pass. Skiing children and adults always need a ski pass, which you can buy at the ticket offices of the cable cars or possibly at the hotel reception.
+What does my child need to wear or bring to the ski course?
In addition to the appropriate ski equipment (skis, boots, helmet and, for advanced skiers aged 6 and over, ski poles), you should also make sure that the ski suit and gloves keep your child dry and warm.
During the ski course, the instructor will take a short "snack break" with the children, so please give your child a small snack so that they can continue skiing again.
+How are the groups formed?
All driving course participants take part in the pre-ride before the first lesson and are divided into groups. Of course, it is still possible to change groups afterwards. Please contact the respective ski instructor or the ski school manager directly. Beginners do not need to ski ahead.
+Can our children travel together in a group?
If the children have the same skiing level, they are welcome to ski together in one group. In the case of children with different skiing abilities, the child who "skis better" should switch to the slower group.
+Is it possible to join a course during the week?
In principle, groups are formed on Sunday and Monday. However, it is always possible for advanced students to join an existing group during the week.
+Do the ski course days have to be taken consecutively?
Participation in the lessons should take place on consecutive days, as the group has a continuous program and learns something new every day that builds on the previous day.
+Will lessons be postponed or refunded in case of bad weather?
The earlier you book, the better we can fulfill your wishes!
Please book at least one day in advance. If you book at short notice, we can only offer teachers who have not yet been booked.
Reservations can be made not only at our office, but also by telephone or online.
+Are there group courses for adults?
In recent years, the demand for adult group courses has unfortunately declined dramatically. For this reason, we only offer private lessons for adults.
However, you are welcome to come to us as a group (5 or more people of the same riding ability) and we will make you an appropriate offer.